Collards (Brassica oleracea)

Warm Season Biennial

Collards are a leafy bush Brassica broadleaf plant that grows quickly. It has a strong tap root that drives down scavenging nutrients deeper in the soil profile. Large leaves can suppress weeds. Collards compete well in mixes due to their good shade tolerance. Being a warm season broadleaf, it has good heat tolerance and decent drought tolerance. They are easy to establish and are palatable. Even as a warm season crop, they will germinate at lower temperatures. Plants are low fibre, high relative feed value, and high protein. Collards are one of the more fall frost tolerant species being used in the northern United States.

Seeds per pound: 175,000 Seeds/sq ft/pound 4.8


  • Erosion control
  • Soil builder
  • Nitrogen scavenger
  • Weed suppression
  • Grazing potential
  • Hay potential


  • Large leaves
  • Good regrowth
  • Biennial
  • Good cold tolerance in the fall


Being a Brassica, can be a bridge for disease and insect pest for canola.


Excellent. Needs to be blended with grasses and legumes. Low growing point, and fast regrowth.


Good. Needs to be blended with grasses to help dry down.

Mycorrhizal support? No