Crimson Clover (Trifolium incarnatum)

Cool Season

Crimson clover is an upright slender annual legume that fixes a large amount of nitrogen through its growing season. Crimson has finer stems, and a stronger tap root than Berseem clover. It will survive well in blends. Crimson clover is not very tolerant of salinity and not very winter hardy. It is a low risk of becoming a weed in Western Canada.

Seeds/pound: 140,000 Seeds/sq ft/pound of seed: 3.8


  • Nitrogen builder
  • Hay source
  • Intercropping
  • Erosion control
  • Weed suppression
  • Grazing
  • Pollinator attracter


  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Hay quality
  • Excellent nectar source for pollinators


Rots quickly in spring releasing nitrogen maybe too quickly, slight bloat risk, will not tolerate long periods of drought.


Grazes well, but leave 3-4” (7-10 cm) to help regrowth.


High quality hay, not as high yield potential as Berseem.

Mycorrhizal support? Yes