Annual Ryegrass (lolium multiforum)

Cool Season Annual

Annual ryegrass is an upright annual grass that grows quickly with adequate moisture. Salinity and drought tolerance is low, but will tolerate short term flooding. It regrows quickly. The leaves are fairly waxy leaves and stems can get wiry when the plant matures.

Seeds per pound: 190,000 Seeds/sq ft/pound 5.2


  • Erosion control
  • Soil builder
  • Nitrogen scavenger
  • Weed suppression
  • Grazing potential
  • Hay potential


  • Quick growing
  • Good shade tolerance


Weak drought tolerance, can become a weed,hard to cut as it matures.


Good. Quick regrowing. Lots of leaf.


Good. Have to bale quickly, fast regrowth.

Mycorrhizal support? Yes