Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Cool Season

Alfalfa, the Queen of Forages, is a upright branched perennial. It has a strong tap root. New varieties are being released that are more salinity tolerant. Alfalfa has a relatively high water use, but can fix a large amount of nitrogen. Strong winter hardiness.

Seeds per pound: 225,000 Seed/sq ft/pound of seed: 5.6


  • Nitrogen builder
  • Hay source
  • Erosion control
  • Weed suppression
  • Grazing potential
  • Pollinator attracter


  • Yield and quality
  • Easy to establish
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Concerns: High water use
  • High phosphate and potassium use
  • Bloat concerns


Good regrowth, good yield, good palatability if
mixed with grass, bloat concern.


Good yields and quality.

Mycorrhizal support? Yes